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Mountfield Quarry can cover most of your Aggregate needs. Offering a range of Quality Aggregate and Landscape Supplies from the farm to the building site, driveways, races and gardens. 

We Quarry & Process Crushed, Uncrushed Aggregate and Drainage Aggregate. 

Also, stock Fines - Blue or Blue Brown, Sand & our popular top blend of Builders Mix which is made right here.

Trucks & Trade over 3 Tonne keep left after the gate toward the weigh bridge where you will be greeted by Anna or Alicia. 

To request a Trade Credit Account Application please email us on:


Crushed Aggregate

Our Popular GAP (General All Passing) metal is processed here. Used for Driveways, Paths and as a base under buildings. Available in Blue or Blue Brown in a range of sizes from 20mm up to 65mm. Compacts really well as it contains fines/crusher dust.

*Please phone ahead as we are low stock on some products

Crushed Ag

Uncrushed Aggregate

Our uncrushed aggregate is great for building up farm races, house sites & roads. 

Uncrushed Aggregate
Drainage Ag

Drainage Aggregate

Our Popular Drainage Aggregate processed here has no fines making it perfect for all drainage areas, available in four sizes. Used for various types of drainage, including soak holes, pipe bedding, retaining walls, farm drainage and gardens. *Please phone ahead as we are low stock on some products

Builders Mix,
Fines & Sand

Our builder's mix is made here from Mountfield GAP Blue 20 & Washed sand, the perfect recipe for a popular builder's mix - just add cement!

With two options of Fines, either classic blue or our Mountfield Magic Dust - with a great contrast of colours brown & blue with gold hues. These compact very well for Pathways, Under Water Tanks & Paving Stones. Washed Sand is also available on site too.

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